19 October 2002
Child labor in Pakistan: Interview with IA Rehman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. The Society's Secretary-General has met him and he is an ornament to Pakistan, although evil and wicked men think otherwise. 
Bosnia: 'In Europe, Sex slavery is thriving despite raids'.  The New York Times

18 October 2002
Consumer awareness: 'Promote warfare - buy a cell phone'.
Child labor in India: 'Legislation for rationalising labor laws to be introduced'.  Outlook India

17 October 2002
Child labor in China: 'China bans child labor'.  Asia Times

10 October 2002
Costa Rica plan to fight child labor.   CNN

9 October 2002
Consumer awareness: 'Walt Disney Co used child labor'.  The Ledger, Florida
8 October 2002
Consumer awareness: 'Sweatshop accusation hits Disney'.  The San Diego Union-Tribune
Consumer awareness: 'Group rips Disney over labor conditions in Bangladesh'.  The San Diego Union-Tribune
Consumer awareness: 'Disney a target in sweatshop fight'.  Orange County Register
7 October 2002
Consumer awareness: 'Workers say "Pooh" to Disney practices'.  Daily News (Los Angeles)
These reports suggest that Walt Disney & Co is directly involved in the employment of child labor.  The Society conducted a mission to  Bangladesh to investigate the production of toys by child labor and an investigation of the production of toys in Indonesia under license from Walt Disney & Co.  We found that a number of toys and other products bearing licensed designs and trade marks owned by Walt Disney & Co were being made produced by young teenage girls.  The Society did not find that Walt Disney & Co was directly involved in the use of child labor.  The factory owners and the licensees were not connected with Walt Disney & Co apart the license.  The licensees had contracted with the factory owners to produce the products.  The licensees obtained the license from Walt Disney & Co.

We did, however, suggest that Walt Disney & Co insert a term or condition in its license contracts that products bearing its designs and trade marks not be produced by child labor and that the licensee pay a predetermined amount of liquidated damages in default.

14 September 2002
India: child laborers rescued.  Australian Broadcasting Corporation

4 September 2002
Runaway slave in Niger flees his master who regularly whipped him and ordered him to be castrated as a punishment. BBC

22 August 2002
Story of Francis Bok, a runaway slave from Sudan.  Black Britain

20 August 2002
Number of African cocoa plantation slaves "exaggerated" says Nigerian-based International Institute for Tropical Agriculture.  BBC World Service
The Society largely agrees with the conclusions of this report.  The Society conducted a Mission to West Africa and we never asserted that there were huge numbers of slaves on the cocoa plantations.  Nor did we ever attack the governments in West Africa.  However, even a few hundred slaves is an issue, particularly for the slaves concerned. 

18 August 2002
Child labor in Afghanistan.  Associated Press San-Antonio Express-News

15 August
US tariff measures on child labor.  Business Day (Bangkok)

8 August 2002
Swami Agnivesh re-appointed to UN Trust Fund on Slavery

5 August 2002
Slave women held in Namibian king's compound.  The Namibian

29 July - 6 August 2002
54th Session of the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Geneva

30 June 2002
Florida citrus contractors  convicted under US federal anti-slavery legislation.  The Associated Press/ The Picayune News

29 June 2002
Florida slavery conviction may held farm workers.
  The Associated Press/ The Herald Tribune

27 June 2002
Women and children trafficked into forced prostitution in the Hellenic Republic (Greece).  Kathimerini (Greece)

17 June 2002
Day on the African Child.  This Day (Lagos, Nigeria)
Day of the African Child marked against a gloomy background.  African Church Information Service

15 June 2002
State's blind eye to slavery.  The Washington Post

14 June 2002
Gulf States "free from child labor".  Gulf News

13 June 2002
Slave labor summit to be held in Hawaii.  Pacific Business News
Inquiry demanded into sex slave trade.  Associated Press/Dayton Daily News
Battling child labor wisely.  The Christian Science Monitor
Child Labor in Uzbekistan.  Radio Free Europe

12 June 2002
World Day Against Child Labor.
  ILO, Geneva
Today is World Day Against Child Labor.  The Jamaica Observer
World Day Against Child Labor.  Black Britain
UN urges end to child labor on World Day Against Child Labor. UN
ILO launches World Day Against Child Labor.  Voice of America

11 June 2002
Focus on efforts against child labor.  UN
ILO urged to take action on children in agriculture.  Human Rights Watch
ILO inaugurates World Day Against Child Labor.  Islamic Republic News Agency (Iran)

10 June 2002
US Labor Department report on slavery in Uganda and Tanzania.  The East African
Education key to battling child labor.  Latin America Press

8 June 2002
Cambodia hits back at US report on slavery.  Radio Australia

6 June 2002
Secretary of State Colin Powell pledges to fight slave trade.  The Associated Press/The Miami-Herald
Secretary of State Colin Powell on US battle against slavery.  The Associated Press/The San Antonio Express-News
Secretary of State Colin Powell on US aims to end slavery.
  The Associated Press Tallahassee Democrat

5 June 2002
Secretary of State Colin Powell launches US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report.  US Department of State
Secretary of State Colin Powell: "Stop human trafficking!"  The Associated Press/ABC

3 June 2002
Child labor on ILO agenda.  ILO Geneva

23 May 2002
US Senate tackles child labor in Trade Bill.  Reuters

20 May 2002
Slave ring in Texas.  MSNBC

28 May 2002
Sudanese government "open" to slavery findings by UN group.  Reuters

27 - 31 May 2002
27th Session of the United Nations Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery in Geneva

8 - 10 May 2002
United Nations Special Session on Children in New York

18 April 2002
Jamaican senator urges business to act on slave and child labor.  The Jamaica Observer

17 April 2002
Reports of women sold in slave markets in Pakistan.  Amnesty International USA
Reports of women sold in slave markets in Pakistan.  The Washington Post
Egypt's First Lady in role to combat child labor.  Arabic News

16 April 2002
Anniversary of the murder of Iqbal Masih on 16 April 1995.
Project to raise funds to buy slaves in Sudan out of slavery criticized.  The Kansas City Star
Arab Conference on child labor in Casablanca.  Arabic News.

15 April 2002
The Society's Secretary-General meets with the Ambassador to Cambodia to discuss slavery and trafficking of children in Cambodia.
Progress of Mission to Sudan by US-led Eminent Persons Group on Slavery, Abduction and Forced Servitude.  United Nations
Slavery in Sudan.  Cape Code Times

14 April 2002
Slavery in Haiti.
  Naples Daily News (Miami, Florida)

13 April 2002
Slavery and child labor in Haiti.  South Florida Sun Sentinel 

12 April 2002
Slavery in Nigeria.

10 April 2002
US-sponsored international commission on slavery meets officials in Sudan.  Reuters
US Department of Labor grants to fight child labor.  TOMRIC News Agency (Tanzania)
Award for Nepalese organization fighting trafficking of girls into slavery in India.  South African Press Association

9 April 2002
Wife of Nigeria's Vice-President on West African child slave trade.  The Guardian.
US-led team investigates slavery in Sudan.  Voice of America
US-led team investigates slavery in Sudan.  Reuters

8 April
"We don't have child labor" in garment manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka, says Chairman of Sri Lanka's Apparel Exporters Association.  BCC World Service

7 April 2002
Europe's slave market in Brcko in Bosnia-Herzegovina Sunday Herald

5 April 2002
Alleged Polish slave traders trafficking in women and girls arrested by police in Poland.  Independent

4 April 2002
Alliance to combat child labor on tobacco plantations in Pakistan.  The Frontier Post (Pakistan)

3 April 2002
Child labor on tobacco plantations in Malawi.
  BBC World Service

2 April 2002
Latest news in West African slave trade in children from Nigeria to Gabon.  This Day (Nigeria)
Government measures against West African child slave trade.  South African Press Association
Government Minister in Malawi describes increase in child labor.
  The Chronicle Newspaper (Malawi)

1 April 2002
Fair Trade Group targets Mars Inc over slaves on cocoa plantations.  The Washington Post
Federal government of Pakistan committed to elimination of the worst forms of child labor, says Minister.  The Frontier Post (Pakistan)
Readers should note that the Minister's assertion that the "carpet industry is under control to a great extent" is incorrect, as a recent undercover operation in Pakistan by the Society revealed very young  children working in bondage weaving carpets.   Some of the photographs secretly taken under that mission appear on our website.

31 March 2002
Young female slaves in USA forced into servitude by vice rings.  North Jersey News

29 March 2002
Campaign against chocolate manufacturers.  Reuters

28 March 2002
Child labor in Gabon.  This Day  (Nigeria)
Child servile marriages.  Daily Trust (Nigeria)

27 March 2002
Investigation of slavery in Sudan.
ICFTU tackles child labor in West Africa.  ICFTU (Geneva)

26 March 2002
US-led team to tackle slavery in Sudan.  UN

25 March 2002
Sudan Slavery Commission.  US State Department, Washington DC
Slaves on cocoa plantations: a different perspective in a letter from a Nigerian.
  Accra Mail

22 March 2002
Child labor in Zimbabwe.  The Herald (Zimbabwe)

20 March 2002
Trafficking of children in East Africa.  The East African Standard (Kenya)

17 March 2002
Child Labor on coffee plantations in Kenya.  The East African Standard (Kenya)
Bill in one of Nigeria's States to ban female genital mutilation.
  This Day (Nigeria)

11 March 2002
Child labor on tobacco plantations in Malawi.  African Church Information Service

18 February 2002
How al-Qaeda and the  Taliban revived slavery and the slave trade in Afghanistan.  Report by Time.  It should be pointed out that the Society is not responsible for this report.

17 February 2002
Campaign by ex-slave from Sudan.  Tennessee

14 February 2002
Protest against See's, Mars and Hershey's to take action to prevent use of child slaves on plantations producing cocoa for chocolate candies.  The San Diego Union-Tribune

14 February 2002
Pakistan's slave trade.  Boston Phoenix.

12 February 2002
Consumers force chocolate industry to take steps to stop slave production.  Straight Goods (Canada).

12 February 2002
Entry into force of the Optional Protocol on the Convention of the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (upon signature by the Republic of Lebanon).

10 February 2002
Reports of Albanian slave owners killing their slaves by cementing them into kitchen sinks and dropping them into the Adriatic Sea.

8 February 2002
Actor Robert Redford campaigns against slavery of girls in India.  Hello Magazine

8 February 2002
Reports of the use of forced labor by the government of the Republic of Rwanda in the mining of ores in areas of the Congo which it occupies.  It is reported to be using prisoners as forced laborers.

7 February 2002
Slavery Free Chocolate?

29 January 2002
Human sacrifice in London.  BBC

18 January 2002
Entry into force of the Optional Protocol on the Convention of the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children.

7 December 2001
Traditional slavery in Niger.  BBC






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