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As most of you will be aware, the post office at which we receive mail was destroyed on 11 September.  Fortunately, our mail was not destroyed in the fire and we are now (after a delay in receiving it from the postal authorities) receiving it and we are now replying to it.  Unfortunately, the postal authorities may have returned some mail to senders.  Please let us know: we do exist!

Also, our e-mail system has been the victim of a denial of service attack from a radical American white nationalist organization.  We have now rectified this problem.

20 November 2001
Domestic slaves in USA  USA Today
Book on child labor in Nigeria.  Thifcs Day (Lagos)

19 November 2001
Regimé in Sudan puts forward arguments defending allegations that its militia conducts slave raids.

17 November 2001
Child slavery in Igboland (in Nigeria)  This Day (Lagos)
Trafficked women in Romania Kathimerini (Athens)

16 November 2001
Society's Secretary-General releases report on its current activities

Child labor in South Asia
BBC World Service
Stories of children BBC World Service

15 November 2001
Reports are emerging that the government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan the Taliban were using male adolescent soldiers.  They appear to have been recruited by Muslim clerics in Pakistan and sent as volunteers with Pakistani adults to Afghanistan to fight as alongside the armed forces of the Tailban.

Michigan woman convicted of keeping a slave girl.
Sue Lloyd Roberts (BBC correspondent) on child labor BBC World Service

14 November 2001
A slave ship carrying child slaves for slavery in the Republic of Cameroon is intercepted and boarded and arrested by the Nigerian Navy as it was about to enter the maritime boundary of the Republic of Cameroon.

Medicins du monde campaign on child soldiers.  BBC World Service

13 November 2001
Eliminating child labor in Kenya.  The Nation (Nairobi)
9 November 2001
The Nigerian President declares war on West African slave trade involving the trade in women and children. Vanguard (Lagos, Nigeria)
UNICEF report on the slave trade in children in West Africa. (in French)  UN
Slaves in Sudan are sold to rich Arabs in northern Sudan or trafficked as slaves to the Middle East.   African Church Information Service
Agricultural worker kept as slave in The Netherlands.  Pravda

Child slaves in UK The Evening Standard

8 November 2001
Slavery in the UK: West African children used as slaves by non-citizens and by British paedophiles.  BBC World Service
ILO reports that military regimé in Burma continues to use forced labor.  BBC World Services 

7 November 2001
Regime in Myanmar (Burma) still using forced labor: report by International Labor Organization team  Reuters

7 November 2001
The leader of the Bonded Labor Liberation of Karnataka (a State in southern India), Kiran Kamal Prasad says sending bonded children to school is a solution to bonded child labor.  The Government of Karnataka had stated that bonded labor did not exist in the State until five bonded laborers who were in chained were discovered.   The Chief Minister and Chief Secretary of the state of Karnataka are now taking action to release bonded laborers.  One bonded child laborer rescued by the Bonded Labor Liberation of Karnataka had his fingers cut off by his master.

6 November 2001
The Society's Secretary-General meets leader of the Bonded Labor Liberation of Karnataka (a State in southern India), Kiran Kamal Prasad.

Child slave trade and international trafficking in children (in French) Notre Voie (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire)
Arab-African Forum on Sexual Exploitation of Children African Church Information Service

5 November 2001
Trafficking of girls in Ghana Public Agenda (Accra, Ghana)
Rwanda Government and UNICEF act on street children UN
Belgian Secretary of State tackles regime in Sudan over slavery UN
Human sacrifice New Vision (Kampala)

1 November 2001
President Bush extends sanctions against regime in Sudan which allows slavery Associated Press

25 October 2001
West African child slave trade (in French) Sidway (Ouagadougou, Burkino Faso)
West Africa moves against slavery BBC World Service

10 October 2001
Archbishop decries human sacrifice The Monitor (Kampala)

5 October 2001
Slave children in West Africa BBC World Service

3 October 2001
West African child slave trade (in French) Sidway (Ouagadougou, Burkino Faso)

2 October 2001
US to act on cocoa slavery BBC World Service
Plan to end African slavery BBC World Service

25 September 2001
Efforts on West African child slave trade (in French) La Soleil (Dakar, senegal)

13 September 2001
UN Special Session on Children in New York in September 2001 is deferred because of terrorist attacks on World Trade Center.

11 September 2001
Mail center where Society's mail is sorted and received is burnt.  Mail delays expected.

10 September 2001
Global March Against Child Labor Global March Against Child Labor (includes Anti-Slavery Society)
No More Child Soldiers New Vision (Kampala, Uganda)
UNICEF Report - The State of the World's Children The Independent

7 September 2001
Nigeria President acts to stop child slave trade UN
Interview with Carol Bellamy, UNICEF UN

28 August 2001
Girl scarred by her employer: child labor in Kenya The Nation (Nairobi)

26 August 2001
Child slavery a problem for chocolate manufacturers Reuters

23 August 2001
Federal Government in Nigeria establishes search and rescue team to stop trafficking in child slaves This Day (Lagos)

20 August 2001
Minutes of Meeting of Society's Board of Trustees

16 August 2001
International day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition - UNESCO Director-General UNESCO
New York Times campaign against child slavery Village Voice

10 August 2001
Meeting of Society's Board of Governors.

10 August 2001
Travel pass from minors to stop slave trade in Mali children BBC

9 August 2001
Slavery in China on the rise: rescue of slave men from coal mines and brick kilns Far Eastern Economic Review

8 August 2001
Situation in child slaves in Mali United Nations Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

6 August 2001
Truck driver sold into slavery in the Republic of Daghestan (which forms part of Russia)  Pravda

4 August 2001
Liberian army acts to stamp out human sacrifice BBC

2 August 2001
Nigerian sex slaves (some as young as 13 years) return home after rescue from sex slave syndicates Sky News
NAACP praises efforts to hunt MV Etireno slave ship and urges President Bush to make more efforts to punish slave traders  NAACP media release
Connecticut man's crusade against sex slavery in Bangladesh, Thailand and India The Harford Courant (Connecticut)

1 August 2001
Opening of 53rd Session of United Nations Subcommission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights UN Geneva
ILO to survey child labor in West Africa
UN Newservice
Chocolate manufacturers argue against boycott of cocoa beans from Ivory Coast The Beacon Journal (Ohio)

31 July 2001
McDonalds - child labor in UK Evening Standard

 30 July 2001
Hershey Food Corp and other chocolate manufacturers fund investigation of slavery on cocoa plantations The Express Times (Penn)
Child slavery on cocoa plantations International Herald Tribune
Cameroon teenager kept as slave in Maryland The Washington Post

29 July 2001
Cocoa slaves: boycotting chocolates The Sun News
State Governors urge Bush to prohibit child labor imports into USA
Picayune Item
State Governors urge Bush to prohibit child labor imports into USA Herald-Journal/Associated Press
State Governors urge Bush to prohibit child labor imports into USA  The Charlotte Observer

21 July 2001
Pakistan ratifies Immediate Abolition of the Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention 1999 BBC

12 July 2001
US State Department report on modern slavery BBC

11 July 2001
House of Representatives passes: 'No Child Labor' Label Bill for cocoa and chocolate Reuters

20 June 2001
German football club lifts suspension of Nigerian footballer over suspicion of involvement in MV Etireno slave ship BBC

14 June 2001
Leading Nigerian society lady charged with organizing child slave trade  BBC

6 June 2001
Arrest of Nigerian society lady for involvement in West African child slave trade BBC

19 May 2001
Russia fights sex slave trade  BBC

17 May 2001
Child soldiers freed in Sierra Leone

16 May 2001
US restaurant chain violates child labor laws KGTV
Russian women fight sex trafficking
Associated Press
Russian women campaign against international trafficking in women
Bangladeshi children campaign against child camel jockeys BBC
Sudanese Government wants change in US policy on slavery Associated Press
Arrested US lawyers appear in court over protest at Sudanese Embassy WJLA
President of American Anti-Slavery Group arrested outside Sudanese Embassy Associated Press
Leaders of American Anti-Slavery Group arrested outside Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC Associated Press
The American Anti-Slavery Group must be distinguished from the American Anti-Slavery Society (which is part of the Anti-Slavery Society).  The American Anti-Slavery Society is a charity and, as such, is not permitted by US law to engage in political activity (which, under the common law of the USA, is defined to include demonstrations, protests and lobbying to change government policy).

11 May 2001
Famous footballer owner of child slave ship

11 May 2001
Child soldiers in Sierra Leone

10 May 2001
French Parliament passes law recognizing slave trade as a crime against humanity
Human sacrifice New Vision (Kampala)

9 May 2001
West African child slave traders arrested BBC

7 May 2001
Togo involvement in child slavery Reuters

4 May 2001
Link between chocolate and slavery
ABC News
Chocolate corporations blamed for West African child slave labor
West African farmers need higher coca prices Associated Press
Ivorian Minister attacks child slave reports Reuters

1 May 20001
Famous footballer owner of child slave ship BBC
Footballer in child slave ship probe

30 April 2001
West African slave ship had child slaves
Children on West African ship were slaves
An awful trade Time

26 April 2001
Children's group formed

26 April 2001
The Body Shop MyPrimeTime

21 April 2001
Suspicion falls on West African ship - 30 children on mystery ship not collected by relatives, suggesting that it may really have been a slave ship

20 April 2001
Albanian children and young women sold into sex slavery BBC

19 April 2001
Captain of slave ship detained
Slave ship exposes West African child slave trade

18 April 2001
Cadbury's acts to stop slavery in chocolate industry
Slave ship docks with only a few children

17 April 2001
Slave ship timeline
West African child slave labor Reuters

12 April
15,000 child slaves working in coffee and cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast BBC

April 2001
Baroness who Frees the Slaves

27 March 2001
US task force will combat trafficking in humans

20 March 2001
Pakistan signs child labor deal
Pakistan child labor agreement

15 March 2001
Corporate policies of Nike, adidas and The Gap on child labor CNN

8 March 2001
Rising child labor in China

7 March 2001
Sex slavery - the growing trade

5 March 2001
Of Haitian bondage


25 May 2000
Sale of Children and Child Soldiers Protocols  

On 25 May 2000, acting without a vote, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict.

The latter prohibits the use of children under 18 years in combat.






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