Top Secret!
Can you organize an escape?


Huro is a ten year old boy.  He lives with his mother and father and brothers and sisters on a very small farm in India.  He goes to school every day and plays with his many friends.

Huro was very happy until one sad day.

Huro was playing with his friends as usual.

A nice man came up to him and said.  "Here, son, would you like some nice candy?"

Huro loved candy and reached out his hand for it.  "Thank you," he said to the nice man, because his mother had told him always to say thank you when you get a present of something.

"Would you like to see all the toys in the big city?" said the nice man.  "I will bring you there and buy you some Pokemon toys or a new red train engine."

The nice man invites Huro to get on the bus with him to take Huro to the city to buy him some new toys. Huro likes the nice man and gets on the bus with him.

What Huro does not know is that the man is really not a nice man at all.  He was actually a wicked, evil slave owner who catches boys and girls and brings them away.  They never see their mother or father or friends again.

An old man comes to you for help.  He tells you that a wicked slave owner has taken his son, Huro, way.  His name is Chichai.  He is Huro's father.  

He is crying.  He looks so sad that you offer to help him to find Huro.

You must have a plan to help him.

What is your plan?

You must first find Huro and then you must help him escape from the wicked slave owner.

If you are not sure, click on the icon below to find out.

You also need an escape plan to help Huro to escape.  Write out your escape plan.  As you have never organized an escape for slaves before, we will work it out as we go along.

However, remember that in real life you will need to have had an escape plan before you start organizing Huro's escape.

He takes Huro to his dark den, beats them and tortures them and makes them work for him as slaves making carpets which he sells to rich people in the USA, Canada, England, South Africa, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.


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