Working in agriculture


Most working children are found in the agriculture sector. In less industrialized countries, 60% or more of the population live in rural areas.

Poor families need their children to work. Some start as young as 4 or 5 years, either on the family's small holding or on a landowner's estate. This could prevent them from attending school. Often there are not enough schools and they may be far away and poorly equipped. Girls, being less valued than boys, are most likely to drop out.

Families usually have too little land to support themselves and can be forced to borrow from a landlord or money lender. Their children could have to work to repay the loan. Many products we buy — tea, coffee, fruits, sugar, chocolate — have been grown on estates using child labor. These children risk injury from using tools and machinery and can suffer permanent damage to their health from spraying pesticides without protective clothing.





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